About Judoshop.com

Petr Chlada

Hey there, I'm Petr, and I'm the founder of Judoshop.com.

I joined judo club when I was 8 years old in small town Jicin in the Czech Republic.

As a judo coach-turned-entrepreneur, I launched Judoshop in the hope of giving back to the sport that has given me so much (and is an awesome source of youthful adrenaline).

An online Judo store came into my mind when I was looking to get some new judo t-shirt.

I’ve been into judo for many years and was looking for a place where I can buy some new clothes or judo gifts for my friends.

I wasn't happy with any design on the sites I found. They all looked like they were designed in a rush.

At that moment I have decided to open my judo shop, started looking for some good domain names and Judoshop.com was one of them.

It was taken already so I’ve contacted that owner and he was ready to sell it.

As soon as I had the domain name I started making an online store and then there was no turning back.

I started drawing some designs in a night and finally came up with something decent enough to be on sale. 

I opened my store Judoshop.com and started dealing with judo people around the world.

The site has been growing for the past few months and it is still expanding.

I’m sure that judo is one of the fastest growing sports nowadays and people who are into this sport can find some really nice stuff here.

T-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, sweatpants and other types of clothing.
Now Judoshop.com is a company which sells many different judo products in addition to t-shirts.

Judoshop.com is an online store providing judo apparel, judo gifts plus everything you might need in case you know someone special who is into the sport.

Whether you are a judoka or just an enthusiast, Judoshop.com has the perfect gifts for everyone.

All the income from the eshop I divide between my family and investing back to my judo store.

If you have any questions or want to write about your experience with Judoshop.com don’t hesitate to contact me.

- Petr Chlada, founder of Judoshop.com