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Power Glider Ultra

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Your portable ALL-IN-ONE Solution for STRETCHING - STRENGTHENING - FLEXIBILITY Anywhere. Anytime and for Any Age!
- The Power Glider Ultra comes with a carrying case/kneeling pad (sitting. kneeling. standing pad) and is easy to use - Anywhere. Anytime and for Any Age!
- Including ABS Wheels
All-in-One fitness product for:
- Stretching. strengthening & rotational training
- Full-body exercising while maintaining balance and form
- Supporting your body weight when extending beyond your balance point with ease and comfort
- Increased circulation. enhanced energy. reducing fatigue and building / maintaining muscle strength
- 45° angled support bar grips protecting your joints (wrists. elbows. shoulders and lower back)
- It provides control at any angle to fully engage your core muscles with our double wheel construction
- Quick assembly and easy storing of our light weight. compact. complete workout device
- Working out at home. office. on the road & before/after sports activities
Any Age. Anytime. Anywhere Stretch. Strengthen and Increase Fexibility with the Power Glider
Country of Origin:- China


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