Judo FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About Judo

Judo FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


The following is a list of frequently asked questions and answers about judo. All of our answers are based on our three decades of experience in judo and our current coaching of beginer judokas, and while they are not complete, they should answer most common questions about judo.

What Judo means?

Judo literally means "gentle way," and practitioners of the sport are expected to uphold a series of tenets to use their opponent's power against them. Judo competitors may use only the natural movements of their bodies to throw or pin their opponents onto the ground. Here you can see the full list of Judo terms.

When was Judo founded?

Judo is one of the most effective martial arts in existence. It was founded in 1882 in Japan, making it the first martial art created in the country. Much like other martial arts, judo focuses on techniques that allow smaller people to defeat larger opponents. To test these techniques, judo was introduced to the Olympics in 1964. Since then, it has become one of the most popular martial arts globally, particularly for self-defence and sport. Judo is a very technical sport during a match.

What Judo Teaches You?

Judo, Japanese martial art, was developed as a form of unarmed combat that was safe, fair, and effective. It continues to be a practical martial art today. Judo teaches you how to fall and use your body weight and leverage to throw an opponent. The most important lesson, though, that judo teaches, is how to get back up. The the first fall is the most difficult, and you will learn to get back up again and again.

Are judo and jiu jitsu the same?

Both judo and jiu-jitsu are martial arts that focus on grappling and throwing. They also use a gi, although the judogi is usually heavier than the kimono worn in jiu-jitsu. However, while both rely on throws to defeat opponents, they approach the sport very differently. Judo is a competitive sport, while jiu-jitsu is more of  a martial art that focuses on self-defence.

Are Judo and karate suits the same?

A Judo Gi is the traditional clothing made of heavy cotton and is very durable. Karate uniforms were originally based on the Judo Gi but now are much lighter.

What are judo points used for?

Judo points are a scoring system that is used for competition in Judo. They are awarded when a competitor performs a particular technique or combination of techniques in a sequence that ends in a winning throw.

Can judo be used in a real fight?

The answer to that question is a big yes. The first step to mastering judo is to understand the concepts and principles behind it. Knowing these will help you to understand how to use judo in a real fight. You also have to master a reaction time to have an advantage over your opponent.

Can Judo kill?

Judo is overall, very safety. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is "yes," and with a little practice, you can kill just like any other trained martial artist. The most important part of any self-defence martial art is it's not abused at all.

How is Judo played?

A judo match is called a shinai and is played by two competitors. Each competitor begins the match by forcing the other to the ground to score points by pinning them. The winner of the match is the one who scores the most points or achieves a more significant number of pins.

How was Judo created?

Judo was created by Kano Jigoro, who trained in several martial arts, including Jiu-Jitsu, although Pankration inspired him. He combined techniques from these arts, including some of the most effective judo throws, to create the most effective martial art he could.

Judo how long to get a black belt?

To get a black belt in judo, you'll need to be at least 18, and you'll need to be able to demonstrate many skills and knowledge. You'll be expected to have a good knowledge of the rules and etiquette of judo, to know how to ukemi - break falls and to be able to attack and defend. From the beginner to black belt judoka you will need at least 5 years.

What Judo gi to buy?

Buying a new judo gi is a big decision for any serious judoka, as the right choice can mean the difference between comfort and misery while on the mat. Aside from fit and quality, another important consideration is the price. While some judoka may be willing to shell out top dollar for designer brands, others want a gi that will last through daily training and competition.  It can be hard to tell which brands are worth the money, and which are better deals.

What Judo means in Spanish?

The Japanese term can be translated as Camino de la flexibilidad - Path of flexibility - influencing physical, mental and emotional development through practice.

When did judo become an Olympic sport?

Olympic judo has its roots in jujitsu's martial art developed over many centuries in Japan. In 1882, the Kodokan school was founded in Tokyo, and by 1909, the Kodokan had established judo as an official sport in Japan. Judo was added to the Olympic program at the 1964 games in Tokyo.

When did judo ban leg grabs?

Up until 2010, during the standing fight, a fighter could grab his opponent's leg. However, in 2010 it was eliminated, and in 2013, this was banned, and fighters cannot touch their opponent on the legs during standing techniques.

Where judo come from?

Judo is a martial art that was developed in Japan in the late 19th century. In 1882, Kano Jigoro established the Kodokan Institute in Tokyo, where he began teaching judo techniques to the public.  The Kodokan became the most respected judo school in all of Japan, and within a few years of its foundation, Kano began to spread the word about judo in the United States and Europe.

Which judo gi is best?

A Judo gi (which means practice uniform in Japanese) is the traditional uniform worn by judo athletes. Most competitors wear a white or blue judo gi and black belt during competition. Well, known brands are Mizuno, Adidas, Ippon-Gear, Dax or Norris.

Judo which country national game?

Judo is the national martial art of Japan. It is an ancient form of martial arts practised by the Japanese. The name judo comes from the Japanese words ju, "gentle or soft," and do, "the way."

Is Judo The National Game of Japan?

Judo is not the national game of Japan, but it is a national sport. The correct answer to this question is Judo is not a national sport, but is a national martial art of Japan.

Which is better Judo or karate?

Judo practitioners tout their sport as the ultimate form of self-defence, and if you took the time to learn it, you'd understand why. Because of judo's focus on throws and pins, it is widely considered the most effective martial art for use in a real-world self-defence situation. Meanwhile, karate practitioners are quick to point out that it's their sport that has the most techniques, and that karate black the belt will have more tools in his or her toolbox than a judo black belt.  But which of these two martial arts is the most effective? Of course Judo.

Which is better Judo or jiu-jitsu?

A friendly debate is going on among martial arts practitioners, is judo better than jiu-jitsu? Jiu-jitsu has the reputation of being more useful for self-defence, due to its emphasis on ground fighting. Judo is what you might consider as a more traditional martial art, with throws, pins, and chokes. One thing that is for sure is that the judo vs jiu-jitsu debate is not going away anytime soon. But for now, you can be sure Judo is much better.

Which is better Judo or BJJ?

What makes this question interesting is the cultural assumptions of each participant. A practitioner of BJJ might view the problem as an opportunity to prove the superiority of BJJ over Judo. A Judoka might view this question as an opportunity to prove Judo is much better. Judoka is right.

Why judo is the best martial art?

Judo is an Olympic sport that is known worldwide as the best martial art. When you think about martial arts, your mind may immediately jump to karate students in the streets, practising their martial arts skills, or ninjas battling it out in ancient Japan.  There are many different kinds of martial arts, but judo is unique among them.

Anyone can practice Judo with no special equipment, and it doesn’t even require a partner to practice. The sport itself is a lot like wrestling, in that you use leverage to throw opponents to the ground or force them into submission.

Why is Judo important to criminology student?

If you are interested in studying criminology, you will know that it is related to judo. This is because this sport is mostly used for training police officers and other security personnel. But this sport is not only good for security personnel but also for other people.

Why Judo banned leg grab?

The reason Judo was changed was that the International Olympics Committee put pressure on the International Judo Federation to change its scoring system. In real terms, competitive Judo was too much like competitive wrestling. The two sports are very similar in many ways, but the fact is that Judo has never been a sport dominated by wrestling.

What is the order of belts in Judo?

The ranks in Judo go from white belt to black belt. Beginners start with white belt and progress through yellow, orange, green, blue, brown to the black belt. Grades from white to brown belt are called kyu (mu-dan-sha) when the black belt has its own grading called dan. Your club will is usually a grading organiser. Sometimes clubs offer one-off free grading.

What is the highest grade in judo?

The highest rank in judo, often called “judo 10th dan,” is the equivalent of a black belt in other martial arts.  The belt colours for a 10th dan judo rank are red and white, signifying the wearer has achieved the highest level of knowledge and skill in the art of judo. To earn this rank, you must meet specific requirements, including at least 10 years of continuous training in judo.

Can you skip belts in judo?

In Judo, there is a system in place to award ranks based on skill level and ability. The lowest level belt is white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, and then black. There are also unique coloured belts such as red and red and white, which indicate that the wearer is of exceptional skill. You can't skip belts in Judo. The only way to achieve a new belt is by joining club gradings or national gradings.

Who wears a black belt in judo?

The black belt in judo is the highest rank you can achieve in judo without becoming a 'judo master' ( 7th dan), and is awarded for having a certain level of skills and experience in the art.

Is there a purple belt in judo?

The answer to this question is a resounding NO! In fact, there are several different coloured belts in judo. A judo practitioner starts at white belt and advances through the ascending coloured belts until they reach the rank of black belt. (The belt colours are white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, and black.) Each belt colour has its own requirements and expectations for the judo practitioner.

Does judo require strength?

This is the key question for anyone looking to get into judo or to become a better judoka. For those who don't know, judo is a martial art which focuses on throwing your opponent to the ground and then pinning them there. It is, therefore, essential to be vital to be able to throw your opponent and to be vital to be able to withstand being thrown. This doesn't mean that you have to be super healthy, but you should at least be able to lift your own body weight and have some high level of fitness.

Do you punch in judo?

Judo's goal is not to cause injury to your opponent, but to use his or her energy against them. Punching is not allowed in Judo.

What does Kuzushi mean?

The Japanese word "Kuzushi (崩し)" can be used in many ways.  It can be used for Aikido, Judo and even in other martial arts, but what does it mean?  In Judo, Kuzushi is the art of breaking balance.

What is meant by judogi in judo sport?

The judogi is the uniform worn by a judo practitioner. The judogi has considerable overlap in design with an older garment, the hakama used in feudal times and under the samurai. The modern judogi is a very lightweight kimono-like garment that is fastened with a wide belt. It almost entirely covers the contestant's body from neck to toe. It is usually white or blue.

What is a judo outfit called?

The judo outfit is a traditional piece of equipment used in the Japanese martial art of judo. It is called "judogi" in the Japanese language.