The purpose of the study of judo is to perfect yourself and to contribute to society. Jigoro Kano

Kano Jigoro





You do LOVE JUDO, don't you?


You might not be as active in Judo as you used to be.


You may have had to stop doing Judo because of the injury or as ‘life’ got in the way.


But your love to Judo has never disappeared.


Seoi Nage, Uchi Mata, O Soto Gari, Harai Goshi or grip fight.


It's still there.


In you, in your brain, heart, muscle memory...




For ever.


...Can I ask you something?


What present do you buy for your coach or best judo friend for a birthday?


What if they get a baby?


It was difficult to find simple and funny judo gift.


Some t-shirt or a coffee mug picturing Uchi Mata, Seoi Nage, O Soto Gari or similar judo techniques.


All the sites I tried left me disappointed.


One day I decided to create a website that would sold products I was looking for.


The result is the Judoshop.com.


For Judo fans everywhere, and for everyone who wants to show their love for the sport. For you.


You can find here various products with Judo designs.


  • Judo T Shirts
  • Judo Tea/Coffee Mugs


Whether it’s the Judo Olympic winner’s t shirt, adorned with past winners of Olympic gold medals, or our tongue-in-cheek take on some of the more popular techniques, here is something for Judo lovers everywhere.


This will allow you to really express your affection for your favourite techniques.


OK, enough reading.


Thank you for coming to the bottom of this page.


I am Petr Chlada and I have personally been a judoka since the age of 8, and simply never lost my enthusiasm for it.


Here at Judoshop.com, I want to help you re-ignite yours.




Petr Chlada