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Judo Mug - Taste Of Judo Throw

Judo Mug - Taste Of Judo Throw

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Throw your style around with this personal, funny Judo mug.

Everyone loves a warm drink in the cold winter or ice coffee in summer months, from the smallest, powerhouse (kyu grade) judoka to the big tall guys (hello to France Tedy Rinner).

And what a better way to announce to the room in the office that you’re not one to be messed with than with a stylish, classic (not vintage) product - Japanese art mug on your desk?

Add to cart your mug with your favourite techniques. Is it Uchi mata or Seoi nage?

Did you know judo (check is developed from jiu-jitsu (or jujitsu) by Jigoro Kano? This person is a real legend - United States, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Netherlands are no exceptions. 

Other self-defence martial arts/sports are, for example:

  • karate
  • BJJ
  • grappling
  • taekwondo
  • jiujitsu
  • aikido
  • kung fu

Let your friends and enemies alike understand the scope of your proficiency even as you calmly sip your morning cup of coffee or tea.

For lo, it has proven repeatedly right: it’s not the guy who stares everyone down and beats his chest that you have to watch out for.

It’s the one who smiles pleasantly and quietly watches who presents the most dangers.

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Fun sketch-like depiction of Uchi Mata

Every judo athlete, girl, or boy, you travel to your club or dojo and train with love and appreciate the depiction of the forty original Judo throws as a nod to the roots of the practice.

It’s something like a display of brotherhood, or like an identifying factor -- the people who don’t get it simply don’t get it.

But the people who do get it will love it.

Plus it can be a way to strike up a conversation with someone who doesn’t know about Judo.

Anyone can benefit from training Olympic sport. Maybe you’ll gain a new training partner! Clubs are everywhere.

Coffee mug - Perfect gift for the Judoka in your life

Coffee and tea mugs are a pretty common present, especially in the cold season. But did you know that they’re not always this awesome?

Show your support for your friend or loved one with this funny mug as a treat for the upcoming holiday season.

High-quality material and satisfaction guarantee

Customer satisfaction is enormously important to us.

The print is stable, dishwasher and microwave safe. Unlimited quantity - our stock is bottomless. 

It is made from hard ceramic - obviously not plush.

Customers mostly bought so far two sizes: 11oz and 15oz size.


“Extremely pleased with the quality! This mug is made with the best materials out there, so it doesn’t fall apart or lose colour in the dishwasher. Highly recommended to everyone out there!”

“Who wants a surprise that fades or breaks right after they get it? Not this one! I am delighted with the purchase. Guys, give a gift that lasts with this high-quality mug. I am going to order more!”

“Worth the cost! Lots of people have trouble finding a good way to show their beloved Judoka that they support and appreciate what they do, without having to get thrown. Keep yourself protected. Buy a mug instead!”


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